Conoce FisioBenidorm

Our team

In FisioBenidorm we work with the aim of offering a clinical service of maximum quality .

Our treatments are totally decicated and are always carried out by experienced health professionals .

We offer in our clinic a wide availability of schedules , for those who have little spare time.

Equipo FisioBenidorm

The physiotherapy and osteopathy service is managed by Javier López Sánchez. Diploma in Physiotherapy by the UCH-CEU (Valencia) and Osteopath C.O by the School of Osteopathy of Madrid.

Formed in different fields of physiotherapy such as: EPI (Intra-Scintillating Percutaneous Electrolysis), Neuromuscular Bandage (Kinesiotape), Functional Bandage Muscle-skeletal ultrasonography and Dry puncture in myofascial pain syndrome.

He has worked as a physiotherapist in Spain and France, working in different sectors such as public hospitals, private clinics, sports clubs and functional re-education centers.

The podology service is managed by Pilar Rivera Llácer. Graduated in Podology by the UMH (Elche).

Postgraduate in "Cures and Surgical Principles in Podiatry" by the University of Barcelona and Postgraduate in "Patomechanics and Orthopedic Treatments" by the University of Barcelona . She is also an expert on Reflexology Podotherapy.

He has worked in the Tecnifació d'Alacant Center, in the area of ​​sports podiatry, and currently works in different private clinics in the province of Alicante.